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science selective guinea pig

Science Selective

683Science Selective Guinea Pig With Dandelion 1.5kg£5.99 Buy
684Science Selective Guinea Pig With Dandelion 10kg£26.99 Buy

Product Details

Supreme Selective Guinea Pig Is Created From A Blend Of High Quality
Ingredients Formulated To Provide A Nutritionally Complete And Balanced
Diet. Selective Guinea Pig Ensures Your Pet Will Not Selectively Feed
On Favourite Ingredients In Course Mix Diets And Provides Additional
Benefits Designed To Ensure Their Health And Well-Being.
Guinea Pigs Are Herbivores And Fibre Is A Main Requirement In Their Diets. They Have To Chew Fibre And The Grinding Action Keeps Their Teeth In Shape.
It Is Also Needed For A Healthy Digestive System.
That Is Why Selective Guinea Pig Contains 15% Crude Fibre. Selective Guinea Pig Is Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals To Aid The Health And Vitality Of Your Pet.
It Also Includes 800Mg Per Kg Of Vitamin C. Vitamin C Is An Essential
Requirement For Guinea Pigs.