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5065Oxbow Alfalfa Hay 425g£8.99 Buy
5066Oxbow Botanical Hay 425g£7.99 Buy
5067Oxbow Oat Hay 425g£6.99 Buy
5068Oxbow Orchard Grass 425g£6.50 Buy
5071Oxbow Orchard Grass 1.1kg£19.99 Buy
5070Oxbow Western Timothy Hay 425g£9.99 Buy
5072Oxbow Western Timothy Hay 1.1kg£22.50 Buy
5073Oxbow Western Timothy 2.55kg£35.99 Buy
5074Oxbow Western Timothy Hay 4.05kg£58.00 Buy

Product Details

Small pets enjoy and benefit from variety in their daily diet.
That’s why we’re so excited to offer our Hay Blends.
Your pet rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla is sure to love this enriching blend of premium Oxbow hats.
We hand-select and blend our Grass to create the perfect blend of tastes and textures. Your pet should have unlimited grass hay every day.

Sizes: 20 oz, 40 oz, 90 oz.

Product Highlights:

Convenient, enriching blend of our most popular hays
Harvested fresh from our family of farms
Hand-sorted and hand-mixed with care
Provides essential fiber to support digestive & dental health
No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives