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grassy tunnel

Grassy Hideaway

4840Grassy Hideaway Large 48x38x6cm£18.79 Buy
4841Grassy Hideaway Small 41x31x6cm£12.99 Buy

Product Details

The Nature First range of small pet cage accessories are natural and perfectly suited for the needs of small pets.
They are great for providing places to play and exercise, and also make fantastic gnawing and nibbling toys to help to keep teeth healthy and trim.
The Grassy Hideaway is perfect for small pets, who love to have somewhere sheltered for a sense of privacy.
Made with natural grass and is ideal for use as a nest and safe to nibble.
Available in two sizes, small is ideal for hamsters, mice and gerbils, whilst the jumbo is ideal for any small animals up to rat size.
Natural nest, fun to nibble and gnaw
Cosy place to rest
100% natural