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5188Chube Small£2.99 Buy
5189Chube Medium£3.99 Buy
5190Chube Large£4.99 Buy
5191Chube Giant£6.99 Buy

Product Details

The original chewable playtube!

These brightly coloured Chubes are surely a favourite for all types of small animals. They offer a great hiding space and also something safe to chew and gnaw.

Safe to chew and gnaw
Made from natural vegetable parchment
Also available in four sizes
The environmentally friendly Chubes are made with bio-degradable vegetable parchment and are also 100% safe.

Sizes available in:

Small – (15.5 x 6.5 cm) – Suitable for: Hamsters, Mice, etc
Medium – (23 x 10.5 cm) – Suitable for: Rats, etc
Large – (23 x 13 cm) – Suitable for: Guinea Pigs, etc
XL – (30 x 20.5 cm) – Suitable for: Rabbits, etc