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burgess excel rabbit nuggets all ages all flavours

Burgess Excel Rabbit Nuggets All Ages All Flavours

4972Light Nuggets With Mint 2kg£5.59 Buy
4973Light Nuggets with Mint 4kg£9.80 Buy
698Junior & Dwarf with Mint 2kg£6.50 Buy
699Junior & Dwarf With Mint 4kg£12.44 Buy
700Junior & Dwarf With Mint 10KG£26.99 Buy
696Adult Nuggets With Mint 2kg£6.10 Buy
697Adult Nuggets With Mint 4kg£11.49 Buy
695Adult Nuggets With Mint 10kg£22.50 Buy
673Adult With Oregano 2kg£5.49 Buy
701Mature Adult 5+ Nuggets With Cranberry and Ginseng 2kg£6.99 Buy
4971Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Natures Blend 1.5kg£6.99 Buy

Product Details

Excel Rabbit Adult is a complementary pet food for rabbits, and when fed alongside a good quality fibre, such as hay or grass, provides a complete healthy diet for your rabbit.