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roman gravel

Roman Gravel

2293Roman Gravel Purple 2kg£4.29 Buy
2294Roman Gravel Natural Amethyst 2kg£4.29 Buy
1916Roman Gravel Harlequin Mix 2kg£4.29 Buy
1917Roman Gravel Alpine White 2kg£4.29 Buy
1918Roman Gravel Pewter Sand 2kg£4.29 Buy
1919Roman Gravel Rosso Red 2kg£4.29 Buy
1920Roman Gravel Aqua Blend Mix 2kg£4.29 Buy
2295Roman Gravel Lemon Zest 2kg£4.29 Buy
2296Roman Gravel Coloured Multi£4.99 Buy

Product Details

Roman decorative aquarium gravel is the ideal way to enhance the appearance of your fish tank.
Chosen from selected silicate aggregates known for their inert properties in a choice of natural stones or coated in a colourfast resin for trouble free fish keeping.

• Suitable for all types of aquarium set-ups including coldwater, tropical and saltwater.
• Roman decorative aquarium gravel is also the perfect planting medium due to its finer size.
• Increased surface area allows for improved anaerobic activity.
• Will not change the PH of the water.