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wilsons cold press

Wilsons Cold Pressed

5562Wild White Fish 2kg£17.99 Buy
5561Wild White Fish 10kg£69.99 Buy
5657Wild White Fish Refill Bag 10kg£66.99 Buy
4784Clearwater Salmon 2kg£17.99 Buy
4783Clearwater Salmon 10kg£68.99 Buy
5653Clearwater Salmon refill bag 10kg£65.99 Buy
5564Highland Venison & Trout 2kg£18.99 Buy
5563Highland Venison & Trout 10kg£74.99 Buy
5655Highland Venison & Trout refill bag 10kg£71.99 Buy
4782Grass Fed Lamb 2kg£16.99 Buy
4781Grass Fed Lamb 10kg£66.99 Buy
5654Grass Fed Lamb refill bag 10kg£63.99 Buy
4780Succulent Chicken 2kg£16.99 Buy
4779Succulent Chicken 10kg£62.99 Buy
5652Succulent Chicken refill bag 10kg£59.99 Buy
5540Farmhouse Turkey and Duck 2kg£16.99 Buy
5541Farmhouse Turkey and Duck 10kg£68.99 Buy
5656Farmhouse Turkey & Duck refill bag 10kg£65.99 Buy

Product Details

Made in the UK, with a high percentage of locally sourced ingredients, our recipes can offer the following:

EASIER DIGESTION – Wilsons food is processed and gently pressed at a much lower temperature to seal in the optimum amount of nutrition and goodness. This allows for much easier digestion and less bloating as the food breaks down quicker.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Single-source chicken as the 1st ingredient. Balanced recipe with 2:1 ratio of protein to fat. Packed with added ingredients including cranberry, chicory, ginger, turmeric and thyme.

BOOST TO IMMUNE SYSTEM – Supports better health with improved intestinal health and digestion, shiny skin and coat, better immune system, extra energy, better breath and reduced flatulence.

COMPLETE DIET – Can be fed on its own or mixed with a good quality, natural wet dog food. For puppies, we recommend the Scottish Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe.

GREAT VALUE – Cold Pressed dog food is nutritionally dense and you will probably need to feed 30% less than normal. Save the pennies!

Remember to provide a ready source of water. Store in a cool, dry area. It is important not to over feed, and gradually switch over from the previous product.