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wafcol complete

Wafcol Complete

1789Wafcol Vegetarian Complete 3kg (3 to 5 Days Delivery)£14.99 Buy
1788Wafcol Vegetarian Complete 15kg (3 to 5 Days Delivery)£56.99 Buy
3417Wafcol Salmon And Potato Senior 2.5kg£15.29 Buy
3586Wafcol Adult Small/medium Salmon & Potato 2.5kg£15.29 Buy

Product Details

For All Adult Dogs

Nutritionally balanced for optimum health

Meat Free

Gentle on the digestion

Vegetarian Society approved (symbol)

Wafcol Vegetarian is an outstanding food, which has been carefully
formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of the
active adult dog.

Dogs, just like humans, are omnivores and so are not necessarily
dependent upon meat as a source of protein.
Wafcol Vegetarian is a nutritionally balanced, complete food that
has been developed for when meat cannot be fed for health or
ethical reasons or as a great alternative to offer your dog variety.

Wafcol Vegetarian conforms to the standards of the British
Vegetarian Society and excludes all meat and meat products
and so is useful in the treatment of dogs where a meat allergy
is suspected.

Whole wheat flour, soya, wheat bran, vegetable oil, maize flour,
yeast, vitamins and minerals.