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5591Adult Chicken 2.5kg£20.99 Buy
5592Adult Chicken 12kg£82.99 Buy
3463Puppy 2.5kg£20.99 Buy
3464Puppy 5kg£39.99 Buy
4977Adult Small Breed Duck 1.5kg£15.99 Buy
3460Adult Salmon 2.5kg£22.99 Buy
3459Adult Salmon 12kg£89.99 Buy
3462Adult Turkey 2.5kg£20.99 Buy
3461Adult Turkey 12kg£82.99 Buy
3466Senior Light 2.5kg£20.99 Buy
3465Senior Light 12kg£82.99 Buy

Product Details

Welcome to Tribal, home of the lowest temperature dog food around!
We’re passionate about making natural dog food and dog treats. Our range uses the finest ingredients and the gentlest cooking methods to provide your dog with highly nutritious recipes that they’ll love. Whether you’ve got a growing puppy or a treasured golden oldie, we’ve got something to support them through all stages of their life. Find out more about how our TLC range is colder than other cold pressed dog foods.