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smart collar

Smart Collar

1065Smart Collar Size 1£5.99 Buy
1066Smart Collar Size 2£6.99 Buy
1067Smart Collar Size 3£12.00 Buy
1068Smart Collar Size 4£18.00 Buy
1069Smart Collar Size 5£17.49 Buy

Product Details

The Smartcollar is a safe and humane method of preventing
animals from aggravating a healing wound or injury.

Safe, lightweight and translucent, the Smartcollar also has
a padded neckline so there is no need to attach it to the
dog's usual collar.

The leather padding also covers the outer edge of the collar
which not only protects furnishings around the home, but
people's legs too!

The only Elizabethan collar available with this feature.

Simple to fit and easily adjustable, the Smartcollar comes
in 5 sizes.

Size 1 = 16-25cm
Size 2 = 25-31cm
Size 3 = 31-40cm
Size 4 = 40-56cm
Size 5 = 56-66cm

A cascading display stand is also available.

* Light
* Comfortable
* Translucent
* Simple to fit
* Easy to adjust
* Only 5 sizes