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pampeano black leather dog collar sandia

Pampeano Black Leather Dog Collar Sandia

4748Pampeano Black Leather Dog Collar Sandia XSmall£38.00 Buy
4749Pampeano Black Leather Dog Collar Sandia Small£38.00 Buy
4750Pampeano Black Leather Dog Collar Sandia Medium£38.00 Buy
4751Pampeano Black Leather Dog Collar Sandia Large£38.00 Buy

Product Details

Pampeano offers a wide range of polo dog collars and matching leads which are just as popular as our iconic Pampeano polo belts. This is because we use the same high-quality Argentinian leather, the same vibrant saddlery threads and the same skilled artisans in Argentina to handcraft them. The Havana brown leather is rich in colour and that beautiful leather aroma that we all know and love which comes from the natural vegetable tanning process that all of our products go through. The threads are strong and durable creating the eye-catching pampa designs by being using age-old hand-weaving techniques.

Only the stitching which attaches the buckle fastening is machine sewn to ensure that your Pampeano polo dog collar is strong, secure, safe and reliable for your dog. Another desirable aspect of the Pampeano polo dog collars is that, due to the superior quality of our leather, these collars are made to last and only improve with age, all of your dogs walks and adventures being encapsulated in the patina of the leather. With this long durability in mind, we want to ensure that your dog collar always remains looking its best.

We used waxed colourful threads that are very easy to clean. After a run in the fields, simply wipe your Pampeano dog collar clean with a damp sponge and a tiny bit of washing up liquid. Like all leather products, we suggest using a good leather wax to increase the longevity of your products but due to the exquisite leather quality used on your Pampeano dog collar, it is not a necessity. All Pampeano collars also have a matching hand-stitched polo leather dog lead available for a perfectly coordinated set. You may even find a polo belt for yourself to match too- there are over 18 designs to choose from.
XXS - 24-32cm
XS - 30-38cm
S - 34-42cm
M - 40-48cm
L - 45-54cm
XL - 52-60cm
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