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NV Freeze Dried

5611NV Freeze Dried Meat Cubes Chicken 50g£3.99 Buy
5612NV Freeze Dried Meat Chunks Beef 50g£3.99 Buy
5633NV Freeze Dried Complete Food Chicken 250g£10.99 Buy
5613NV Freeze Dried Complete Food Beef 250g£10.99 Buy
5646NV Freeze Dried Complete Food Lamb 250g£10.99 Buy
5647NV Freeze Dried Complete Food Turkey 250g£10.99 Buy
5631NV Meat Boost Dry Adult Dog Chicken 1.5kg£18.99 Buy
5632NV Meat Boost Dry Adult Dog Salmon 1.5kg£18.99 Buy

Product Details

Delicious dog treats made from 100% premium quality meat.
A complete and balanced meal in a revolutionary Freeze dried format.
All the convenience of kibble with all the flavour and nutrition of the natural,
quality ingredients locked in.