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natures menu pouch 300g

Natures Menu Pouch 300g

4823Puppy Pouch With Chicken Lamb & Rice 300g£2.50 Buy
4824Adult Pouch Original Beef & Tripe 300g£2.50 Buy
4825Adult Pouch Turkey & Chicken 300g£2.50 Buy
4826Adult Pouch Chicken With Veg & Rice 300g£2.50 Buy
4827Adult Pouch Chicken & Duck 300g£2.50 Buy
4828Adult Pouch Light With Chicken & Rabbit 300g£2.50 Buy
4829Senior Pouch With Lamb Veg & Rice 300g£2.50 Buy
5246Adult Pouch Multipack 8x300g£19.99 Buy

Product Details

The ultimate selection of our natural meals for dogs.
Healthy, real food ingredients are gently cooked within the pouch to retain taste and nutritional goodness.
Complete and nutritionally balanced.
Made with 60% real meat.