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natural instinct all dogs

Natural Instinct All Dogs

5629Chicken & Lamb 1kg£5.39 Buy
4699Natural Puppy Chicken and Duck 2 x 500g£5.25 Buy
537Working Dog Chicken 1kg£3.99 Buy
3451Working Dog Chicken 2 X 500g (3 to 5 days delivery)£4.50 Buy
4843Working Dog Chicken & Tripe 1kg£4.89 Buy
4844Working Dog Chicken & Tripe 2x500g£5.39 Buy
544Working Dog Turkey 1kg£4.99 Buy
539Working Dog Duck 1kg£5.69 Buy
545Working Dog Turkey 2 X 500g (3 to 5 days delivery)£5.49 Buy
1596Working Dog Beef & Chicken 1kg£4.99 Buy
4842Working Dog Beef & Chicken 2 X 500g£5.49 Buy
542Working Dog Salmon & Chicken 1kg£4.89 Buy
543Working Dog Salmon & Chicken 2 X 500g (3 to 5 days delivery)£5.29 Buy
2287Natural Puppy 1kg£4.69 Buy
3489Natural Puppy 2 x 500g (3 to 5 days delivery)£5.09 Buy
570Natural Chicken 1kg£4.39 Buy
532Natural Chicken 2 x 500g (3 to 5 days delivery)£4.79 Buy
2247Natural Lamb 1kg£7.09 Buy
2248Natural Lamb 2 x 500g (3 to 5 days delivery )£7.50 Buy
1597Natural Beef Tripe 1kg£5.29 Buy
535Natural Tripe & Turkey 1kg£5.69 Buy
534Natural Special Diet 1kg£5.99 Buy
533Natural Senior 1kg£4.79 Buy
536Pure Green Tripe 1kg£4.99 Buy
3452Pure Green Tripe 2x 500g (3 to 5 days delivery)£5.49 Buy
3453Pure Chicken 1kg£3.99 Buy
2289Beef Jerky 6 pack£7.59 Buy
1122Turkey Necks (2)£4.50 Buy
1116Small Play Bones 2pk£4.50 Buy
1117Large Play Bones / Knuckles Each£4.99 Buy
1121Liver Treat 100g£3.99 Buy
5249Lamb Lites 200g£5.69 Buy

Product Details

Adult Dogs
As a rule of thumb, an adult dog should eat around 2-3% of its ideal body weight per day (e.g. a 10kg dog should eat roughly 250g of food per day).

Following on from our Weaning Paste, at about 8 weeks of age puppies will need approximately 5-6% of their body weight per day, spread across 3-4 meals. This will be required until the puppy reaches around 6 months of age. At this point you may wish to reduce the number of meals to two, until they have reached maturity and are well placed to switch to the recommended adult diet.