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dog tin adult 400g

EC Dog Tins Adult 400g

4809EC Dog Tin Adult Chicken And Turkey 400g£3.20 Buy
4810EC Dog Tin Adult Salmon And Trout 400g£3.20 Buy
5536EC Dog Tin Adult Delightful Beef 400g£3.20 Buy

Product Details

Every dog that tries this food, loves it.
Chicken and turkey are naturally high in protein and low in calories, which means they’re good for all sorts of things - including a healthy immune system.
As a bonus, we pack in lots of natural superfoods to this recipe to give your dog an extra vitamin boost.
Don’t forget, because it’s grain-free, it’s particularly good for dogs with sensitive tummies.
This simple recipe combines all the flavour and goodness of chicken and turkey, plus a delicious healthy blend of fruit, veg and herbs.
We never use meat meal or anything processed or dried.
This a grain-free recipe, and we add prebiotics, fish oil and linseed – all of which increase nutrition and improve digestion.
We slow cook our wet food to lock in its natural goodness and flavour.