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ear drops

Ear Drops

1033Johnsons Veterinary Ear Drops 15ml£5.00 Buy
1032Otodex Ear Drops 14ml£7.99 Buy

Product Details

Veterinary Ear Drops
For Dogs and Cats

JOHNSON'S 15ml Ear Drops
for Dogs and Cats (Dropper Bottle)Contains natural Pyrethrum to kill ear mites. Also softens wax, soothes irritation and assists healing.

are a fast acting formula to clear
wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in dogs and cats.
Symptoms of ear diseases:
Shaking of the head persistently for a few moments due to
irritations in the ear, such as the presence of parasites, wax
or inflammation. Excessive wax in the ear often leads to infection
later. Scratching of ears is a symptom of ear mites.
OTODEX VETERINARY EAR DROPS contain a wax solvent to remove wax,
fungicides and bactericides, including an anti-bacterial which is
particularly useful against common and difficult-to-treat bacterium
in chronic ear cases; a mild analgesic to relieve pain and an
emollient to moisturise the skin.