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chappie dry and tins

Chappie Dry and Tins

2318Chappie Can Original 412g£1.99 Buy
2319Chappie Dry Chicken And Wholegrain Cereal 15kg£39.29 Buy
4735Chappie Dry Beef And Wholegrain Cereal 15kg£39.29 Buy

Product Details

Chappie is a well established brand and trusted by vets as one of the best complete dog foods on the market.
Chappie is also enriched with essential vitamins, perfecting that balanced diet that all dogs require, especially yours.


Easily digestible.
Rich in white fish.
Low in fat.
With added vitamins.
With chicken for protein.
With cereals for fibre.
Same trusted recipe.
Made without eggs, soya, dairy and red meat.

Ingredients and Analysis: Cereals (including 4% Cooked Rice), Fish and Fish Derivatives (including 14% Whitefish), Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Chicken), Oils and fats, Minerals, Herbs. Moisture 8.5% Fibre 4.0% Protein 20.0% Fat 7.0% Carbohydrate 58% Magnesium 0.18% Sodium 0.45% Calcium 1.38% Phosphorous 0.94%.