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baskerville muzzle

Baskerville Muzzle

5442Baskerville Muzzle Size 2£9.00 Buy
5443Baskerville Muzzle Size 3£10.00 Buy
5444Baskerville Muzzle Size 4£11.00 Buy
5445Baskerville Muzzle Size 5£12.00 Buy
5446Baskerville Muzzle Size 6£13.00 Buy
5447Baskerville Muzzle Size 7£14.00 Buy
5448Baskerville Muzzle Size 8£15.00 Buy
5449Baskerville Muzzle Size 9£16.00 Buy
5450Baskerville Muzzle Size 10£17.00 Buy

Product Details

Dogs are full of energy and panting is an important way for them to cool down and self-soothe in stressful situations.

That’s why the Baskerville Muzzle was designed to allow your dog to pant, drink, and enjoy treats while being worn.

It’s humane basket-style design makes it the ideal choice for daily walks or for occasional use.