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all dogs all flavours

BarkingHeads All Dogs All Flavours

476Puppy Days 2kg£16.99 Buy
513Puppy Days 6kg£49.99 Buy
472Bowl Lickin’ Chicken 2kg£16.99 Buy
504Senior Golden Years 2kg£16.99 Buy
503Senior Golden Years 12kg£79.99 Buy
473Fat Dog Slim 2kg£16.99 Buy
471Fat Dog Slim 12kg£79.99 Buy

Product Details

Just like us, our four-legged friends sometimes need a little TLC!
Tender Loving Care is a complete balanced dog food that is deliciously tasty and specially formulated for pooches with sensitive digestive systems, flatulence and loose stools. It has 50% chicken and the natural seaweed helps to aid digestion and make delicate tummies a little happier.