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trovet feline dry

Trovet Feline Dry

4786Renal RID (Venison) 500g£7.99 Buy
2176Renal & Oxalate Diet RID 500g£6.50 Buy
2179Renal & Oxalate Diet RID 3kg£21.99 Buy
2177Urinary Struvite Diet ASD 500g£19.99 Buy
4954Urinary Struvite Diet ASD 3kg£29.99 Buy
2178Hepatic Diet HLD 500g£6.50 Buy
4953Hepatic Diet HLD 3kg£29.99 Buy
2181Weight & Diabetic Diet WRD 500g£6.50 Buy
4955Weight & Diabetic Diet WRD 3kg£29.99 Buy

Product Details

High quality pet food

TROVET is a Dutch brand and is launched at the end of the 80’s.
TROVET has prolonged knowledge and experience on the field of specialised food for dogs and cats.
This knowledge is being used to keep the existing assortment up-to-date and develop new, innovative products.

All TROVET products are based on the most recent insights in the field of feeding.
Veterinarians set extra strict quality requirements for the products in their clinics.
They only sell products with a consistent structure and quality of which the function has been proven.
Only then the (dietary) food can be a trusted part of the prescribed therapy. The TROVET products suffice for more than 25 years with the requirements set by veterinarians.
TROVET can rightfully be named a brand with experience and long-term satisfied users.

TROVET (dietary) pet food is exclusively available at your veterinarian.

A balanced food keeps your pet healthy and vital.
However pets may need, due to a disease or condition, a dietary pet food to stay healthy.
A suitable TROVET diet can be selected, based on the diagnosis of your veterinarian.
The diagnosis of the illness and determination of the required diet are the reasons TROVET products are only available at veterinary clinics.