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thrive treats

Thrive treats

1586Thrive 100% Chicken Cat Treats 25g£4.99 Buy
1587Thrive 100% Fish Cat Treats 15g£4.99 Buy
1581Thrive 100% Tuna Cat Treats 25g£4.99 Buy
1588Thrive 100% Liver Cat Treats 25g£5.99 Buy
1589Thrive 100% Shrimp Cat Treats 18g£7.99 Buy
4632Thrive Cat Treats 100% Chicken 170G£32.99 Buy
4634Thrive Cat Treats 100% Tuna 180g£27.99 Buy
4635Thrive Cat Treats 100% White Fish 110g£32.99 Buy

Product Details

Your cat will not be able to resist Thrive 100% real freeze-dried produced from sustainable stocks
There is no added sugar in Thrive treats!

Feed as a treat at any time

Reseal the pack after use, store in a cool place out of paws reach.
Ensure clean drinking water is always available to your cat.
Pieces may settle during transit.