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lily's kitchen organic foils 85g

Lilys Kitchen Organic Foils 85g

644Organic Chicken Dinner 85g£1.75 Buy
645Organic Fish Dinner 85g£1.75 Buy
646Organic Beef Dinner 85g£1.75 Buy
647Organic Turkey Dinner 85g£1.75 Buy

Product Details

A very special organic complete cat food recipe. We add in organic spirulina, which provides a vast range of micro-nutrients and amino acids for optimum health. This recipe is grain free (cats aren't designed to eat grains) and is made with a very high organic meat content. This - together with its moisture content and the botanical herbs we have chosen - is designed to help prevent kidney and urinary tract issues as well as GI and digestive issues. Our cat food recipes are specially designed for your cat's health and happiness.

Grain-Free Recipe.