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hills all cats wet food pouch

Hills All Cats Wet Food Pouch

632Kitten Pouch Multipack Poultry 12x85g£17.99 Buy
634Kitten Pouch Multipack 12x85g£17.99 Buy
630Adult Pouch Multipack Poultry 12x85g£17.99 Buy
629Adult Pouch Multipack 12x85g£17.99 Buy
5172Adult Pouch Light Chicken 12 x 85g£17.99 Buy
627Adult Pouch Light Multipack 12x85g£17.99 Buy
621Adult Pouch Sterilised Multipack 12x85g£17.99 Buy
635Mature Pouch Chicken 12x85g£17.99 Buy
636Mature Pouch Multipack 12x85g£17.99 Buy

Product Details

Key Benefits
Hill's Science Plan unique Immune Support Formula (ISF)
Powerful blend of antioxidants and vitamins that work together
to protect the immune system.

High levels of vitamin E and C Essential for overall health
and helps keep your cat younger for longer.

Low salt levels to reduce the risk of kidney damage.

Balanced mineral content to support your cats urinary health.