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fish4cats can

Fish4cats Can

3438Fish4cats Can Sardine And Mackerel 70g£1.39 Buy
3439Fish4cats Can Tuna Fillet With Anchovy 70g£1.39 Buy
3440Fish4cats Can Tuna Fillet With Cheese 70g£1.39 Buy
3441Fish4cats Can Tuna Fillet With Prawn 70g£1.39 Buy
3442Fish4cats Can Tuna Fillet With Salmon 70g£1.39 Buy
3443Fish4cats Can Tuna Fillet With Seaweed 70g£1.39 Buy
3444Fish4cats Can Tuna Fillet With Squid 70g£1.39 Buy

Product Details

Introducing a deliciously fishy range of Finest wet cat food from Fish4Cats

Cats adore the taste of fish and with fish being rich in Omega 3 and a high quality easily digestible protein, it’s a healthy and delicious meal – they will love you for it.

Plus, with its very high fish content Fish4Cats wet food gives a diet reflecting the natural diet of cats making it the healthiest way to feed your cats.

With 9 different flavours, with luxurious ingredients, there is plenty there to tempt even the fussiest of cats. Tins are 70g.

9 delicious flavours available: Tuna Fillet with Prawn, Tuna Fillet with Crab, Sardine and Mackerel, Tuna Fillet with Cheese, Tuna and Salmon, Tuna and Seaweed, Tuna Fillet and Anchovy, Tuna Fillet with Squid, Tuna Fillet with Green Lipped Mussel.