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cat cup adult 85g

Cat Cup Adult 85g

4796Cat Cup Adult Beef & Lamb 85g£0.99 Buy
4797Cat Cup Adult Beef And Duck 85g£0.99 Buy
4798Cat Cup Adult Cod And Chicken 85g£0.99 Buy
4799Cat Cup Adult Game And Poultry 85g£0.99 Buy
4800Cat Cup Adult Lucious Turkey And Shrimp 85g£0.99 Buy
4801Cat Cup Kitten Chicken And Trout 85g£0.99 Buy
4802Cat Cup Senior Salmon And Chicken 85g£0.99 Buy

Product Details

We’re confident almost all cats will devour this food as soon as they get the chance. Cats are carnivores, so we make sure our recipes have at least 60% meat or fish. Chicken is lean, low-calorie meat that’s packed with protein.
As a bonus, all those natural berries, herbs and botanicals we include in the recipe add an extra vitamin and mineral boost.
This is a grain-free recipe and is suitable for neutered cats.
This delectable recipe brings together the irresistible smells and flavours of fresh chicken and cod, plus a delicious healthy blend of berries, herbs and botanicals. As always, that means no meat or fish meal and nothing processed or dried (which also means it’s MUCH tastier and easier to digest). Like all our food, this recipe is slow cooked to lock in all its natural flavours and goodness. It also contains taurine, an essential nutrient for eye and heart health in cats.