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canagan cat can 75g

Canagan Cat Can 75g

2236Canagan Cat Can - CHICKEN WITH CRAB 75G£1.59 Buy
2237Canagan Cat Can - Chicken With Prawn 75g£1.59 Buy
2238Canagan Cat Can - TUNA WITH CRAB 75G£1.59 Buy
2239Canagan Cat Can - Tuna With Salmon 75g£1.59 Buy
1294Canagan Cat Can - Tuna with Prawns 75g£1.59 Buy
1295Canagan Cat Can - Tuna With Mussels 75g£1.59 Buy
1296Canagan Cat Can - Tuna With Chicken 75g£1.59 Buy
1297Canagan Cat Can - Ocean Tuna 75g£1.59 Buy
1293Canagan Cat Can - chicken &veg 75g£1.59 Buy
1298Canagan Cat Can - Fresh Chicken 75g£1.59 Buy
1299Canagan Cat Can - Chicken with Seabass 75kg£1.59 Buy
1300Canagan Cat Can - Chicken with Sardine 75g£1.59 Buy
1301Canagan Cat Can - Chicken with Salmon 75g£1.59 Buy
1302Canagan Cat Can - Chicken With Ham 75g£1.59 Buy
1303Canagan Cat Can - Chicken With Duck 75g£1.59 Buy
1304Canagan Cat Can - Chicken With Beef 75g£1.59 Buy

Product Details

This complementary food for cats has been developed
in tandem with our complete dry food to create
a system that more closely mimics their natural ancestral diet.
We use chicken breast meat without the skin for all
our wet chicken foods.