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ancol cat grooming range

Ancol Cat Grooming Range

4934Cat Bristle Brush£7.99 Buy
4935Cat Moulting Comb£6.99 Buy
4936Cat Slicker Brush£6.99 Buy
4937Cat Double Sided Fine / Medium Comb£7.99 Buy
4938Cat Nail Clippers£6.50 Buy

Product Details

Ancol Ergo Cat Grooming Range:
Double-Sided Combs - For Coarser, Thicker Coats.
Medium Combs - For Long And Silky Coats.
Moulting Combs - For Thicker Coats When Shedding.
Flea Combs - For Trapping Fleas Or When Combing Sensitive Areas Such As Eyes, Face and Ears.
Slicker Brush - Excellent For Getting Rid Of Unwanted and Dead Hair.