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mixed seeds

Mixed Seeds

5234Henry Bell Superior Seed Mix 1kg£2.99 Buy
5233J&j Wild Bird Food 1kg£1.99 Buy
240J&j Wild Bird Food 2kg£3.99 Buy
241J&j Superior Wild Bird Seed 2kg£4.99 Buy
243J&j Wild Bird High Energy Spring & Summer Mix 2kg£5.99 Buy
242J&j Premium Wild Bird Mix 2kg£7.50 Buy
245J&j Robin Mix With Insects 2kg£6.99 Buy
239Willsbridge Superior Feed 20kg£26.00 Buy
2275J&J Robin & Songbird 12.75kg£39.99 Buy

Product Details

Superior Quality Wildbird Food 20Kg
Exceptional feed for all year round table feeding
Contains a large variety of ingredients to attract
a wide range of Wild Birds

Cut Maize, Wheat, Flaked Maize, Sunflower
Hearts, Black Sunflower, Flaked Peas,
Red Dari, White Millet, Safflower,
+ Special Seeds of the day